There are spots of sun over the clouds
And over the sea. And it glitters like diamonds,
The sea spray wets my dreams and I,
I fall into an endless slumber.

Looking all that was there
Near the blackness
Of my wall
It began plaguing us
With nothingness

Stealing my stories
Of hope, fear, love and horror.
For the black hole absorbs everything
It lives to die
and it’s reborn in death.

A mournful memory.
The earth supports us
And it’s nothing but a bad, bad song
A solemn death hymn;
Touching dreams we had.

Wails echo around the empty walls
And I live fearing the fall
Fearing my cries, you linger
Over me
About me.

And in my bed of roses,
I sleep undisturbed
And tears fall,
but I do not wake up.
For the sleep is heavy
And will not falter
As I, weep in my dreams.

Bar stories

The pale moonlight glows over the city
And it lights a shady little bar,
Hidden in the docks, were only sailors go, 
Inside, a story is being told. 

A sailor spuns a tale of old, 
Of the mermaid he onced loved 
But had his heart broken
By his sea lover, 
For she would not part with the sea, 
And he, beneath the waters could not breath. 

There are tears in his eyes as he ends his tale, 
Many doubt his story but look away, 
Ashamed by the old man’s tears. 
Perhaps they are plagued by similar fears, 
For love forgives no one. 

Love gnaws anyone down to the marrow, 
And they, sailors, ever leaving never staying 
Know that love is temporary for them. 
A comfort they can ill aford; 
So they sit and listen, 
To anyone who’ll tell 
About the love they had once or twice, 
And let their imagination run wild.

Smoke gets in my eyes

The heavy fog of reality hits hard, 
it’s full of an irritating peppery taste 
and it burns my eyes. 
I feel my throat close and choke me 
as the weight of the world sets on my shoulders 
and I curve beneath it. 
And smoke gets in my eyes 
and my life turns into a game of pitch and toss, 
and I can feel it’s already a loss 
And the smoke turns into tears 
and I weep, until there is nothing left of me.

I Am

In a book I saw a prose, a verse and a priest,
I walked endless miles in search of an unknown.
I went far, far away.

In a chapter I buried a wild and untamed century,
threw illusions at the sea and had Poseidon bury them.
I still have thousands more to dream.

I close my eyes and I follow the snake of sin,
I walk into the flames and let my skin be charred.
My soul flies above it all.

For I am nothing and everything at once.

We’ll meet again

Slow are my pained steps, 
but I don’t miss anyone, 
not unless I had watch him die. 
Should I prolong my words? 
Where is that suble kiss, 
that promised sweet delights? 

That adventure which once was wild, 
untamed as the beating of my heart,
shall we be reborn? 
born anew and washed of any sins? 
With another name so that 
we don’t know one another?

In a mute, silent and empty dream 
over and over again.

Lost Friendship

The horizon evades our silly hopes
as the days of our pure friendship wilt,
they end as flower that dies in winter.

 It harms the feelings we sought to protect, 
for you seek to heal my wounds 
and not to wound me further. 

To make me happy. 

Happiness is something that is lost to me, 
love is a foreign emotion that I know not, 
one you seek to express 
and one I am unwilling to accept. 

So you leave, 
with your broken heart and crying eyes, 
and I watch you leave with a heaviness of soul. 

I hope you forgive me someday. 

Let my words be wind and let them go, 
love and be loved. Do not cling to me, 
for I let you go a long time ago. 

I will not lie and pretend you make me happy, 
just to make you happy. 
For I do not love you. 

And so, our friendship wilts 
and you leave.

(Pending Title)

Voices from yesterday call nightly 
and voices from tomorrow echoe in my mind,
an eternal rain of thoughts 
and steps made of stones 
and dreams made of sand.


Like an eternal and unending story, 
you sublime and royal bastard 
laugh, not allowing youself to cry. 
A dying and rotting divinity 
lays broken at your feet of mud. 

(Do you not hear the screams 
that split the night with agony?) 

Pale and gaunt of face, 
of serious mind and bitter presence,
the naked image of a weeping eye
makes nest in your head.

(Far away the screams end,
like a life that slowly ebbs away.
You laughing bastard
know very well whose life is.)

And in a night of rampant chaos,
in the sharp edge of a dager
a bloodied rose blooms,

 and it dries black 
as you laugh you life away.

Golden Cage

I locked myself away in a gilded cage, 
in the vain hope that everything would go away,
but the only thing I did, was to harm myself that way.
Now I sit in wooden stick, like a bird of broken wings
and I have no songs to sing, for I can only dream
as the world turns into several shades of grey, 
it twists and turns and makes itself a bird of prey.

I locked my heart, far away from me 
hidden by my fairy friends on my request
as I wanted no man to find it before I did, 
for I trust no one but myself, to teach me to be me.

So I locked my cage and tossed away the key, 
and till this day, I sit on my golden cage.

Desert Winds

Your feet are full of dust,
white and broken earth lies beneath them
as the unyielding sun burns it to the marrow,

What will be left of you by tomorrow?
What was about you yesterday?
A ghost in a forgotten world.

A mighty wind blows dream clouds away
and it takes with him your desire
and it leaves behind a roll of thorns.

There is no hope left,
your path is filled with sharp rocks
with the intent of making you bleed

as a desert wind takes you away,
and erases the empty shadow you were.