With a whisper, I summon the wind

broken pieces lay between the solitude
as I dry my skin and look for gold,
I look for the yesterdays
that were covered in virginal cloaks.

Forgetting eternity isn’t easy
forgetting my divinity is less so,
show me your eyes
in which you hide all of my tomorrows.

Pleasure runs throughout my veins
as I jump from the sky
and suddenly, I remember.
I remember that I am him and he is me,
for I am King and Queen of my steps

And I land amongst a funeral pyre,
and my purity is gone,
like a God, who dared to love.


Hace tanto frío, ahora que te haz ido
Que no puedo más que preguntarme si es solo una ilusión,
Pero con cada sol que se levanta y se oculta,
Mi fantasía se vuelve pedazos…
No estás más conmigo y amor, solo queda el vacío,
Una triste sombra de lo que fui.
Y aún así me parece que la sombra tiene más vida que yo…

¿Por qué? Me pregunto todas las noches,
Despertar y no verte a mi lado.
Recordar que te haz ido
Que cuando cruzaste esa puerta era para no volver,
Solo me queda un triste cuarto gris
Con todos los recuerdos que grabamos en cada habitación,
Con mi caja de recortes que aunque quiero,
No puedo arrojar al viento…

Te haz ido,
Pero tu recuerdo seguirá siempre conmigo…
Vivirá en mi memoria para siempre,
Ya que, un amor tan grande como el de nosotros
No tiene final….
El amor verdadero vive por siempre.


Sweet dreams that come and go, 
charming memories that won’t let go, 
deeply craved into my mind’s eye 
as I fall asleep and watch them go by.

Autumn Leaf

The last Autumn leaf shakes, 
it clings desperately onto its tree 
while the chill of Winter beging to slip in. 
Afraid it holds onto the branch it was born to, 
afraid of taking flight and letting go. 

Its green soul slowly became golden, 
then brown, aged in its tree 
as the days went flying by. 

Far too delicate and fragile now 
for the winds of Winter, she forgets 
it’s time to depart.


For my mother

How sweet and loving you are, 
patience and happiness you bring 
woman, mother that you are, 
how full of you I am, 
for you bring such joy 
to my little self. 

It didn’t matter the many times 

my face hit the floor, 
you were there to raise me up 
and I carry you in my heart 
my dear mother. 

You, who took the bread from your plate 
and let me have it. I can’t forget 
the tears I shed whilst you held me, 
I am stronger in your arms, 
unbreakeable in your love. 

Strong and all mighty, like God 
you watched over my fragile steps, 
now, mother, it’s my turn to watch over you. 
You who watched over my dreams 
and fed them, I love you so. 

You who wanted me to be the best, 
for in your eyes, I always am.

Look at me

Look how my empty hands fall, 
how life slowly leaves you, 
Look at me, for I am tired, 
Look at me, that I want to forget 

And feel the cold of my body, 
feel how empty it is. 

So I’ll pray underneath the stars 
for you to stop toying with me. 
Stop playing with me, for I am asleep, 
stop touching me, for I can’t feel a thing. 

I loose you day in, day out 
and I lower my head in submission 
to your childish whims. 

For I am not myself, 
Nor do I have the will to own myself; 
I am yours. 

Loosen my spirit, I beg, 
for you lie with every breath 
and your lies do not bring the truth 
I crave. I am not myself. 

Let forgive each other 
and let us dream again.

In Silence

In the deep of silence my thoughts echo, 
my dreams break and tears run freely. 
In silence my nightmares are free to run 
and invade my already poor sleep, 
in silence my words shatter and break 
without any hope. In silence, I broke.


How humble your fallen body is, 
how useless and empty. 
You insolent man, 
dare breath near me, how silly 
is the hope you cling to 
while the dreams you had 

fall and shatter at your feet. 
You humble man, your time is up.

The Snake Charmer

It crawls
Slowly in the desert sand,
It crawls
Lonely path chosen long ago.

A basket
He carries with him all the time,
A basket
With a snake inside.

Music plays with the flute,
Music makes the snake obey.

It dances
The snake dances,
It listens
Listens to the charmer.

Until forever and beyond.

Play Pretend

She saw the photo I took while she wept,
"I hate it" she said, "Play pretend" I begged.

But she frowns and pouts and begs,
so she sits still and waits.

A brand new photo I had to take,
with a frozen smile she plays pretend.

"I love this one" she said, I look away,
"It’s a lie" I wanted to yell.

I want the truth that hides in her eyes,
not the frozen lies of any fake smile.

But she scorns and plays pretend,
all, for popularity’s sake.